What is this about?

In Our Hands is an interview podcast series with thinkers about climate and sustainability, focusing on behavior change. Guests include researchers across many disciplines from psychology to ocean science, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and more!

What is on here?

This website hosts the episodes of our audio podcast, along with full transcripts for those who prefer to consume text.

Also on here is the introduction and table of contents of my book, titled In Our Hands (hence the podcast's name!). The “Storyline” section contains (very) concise summaries of the book’s arguments (but I strongly recommend you read the book!).

Who am I?

I’m Ramanan Raghavendran. I invest in climate and sustainability companies at Amasia, a thesis-driven global venture capital firm. I also have a personal blog here; and my firm runs a course for climate founders, on behavioral science, at AxBC.

I serve as a Trustee of the University of Pennsylvania and as Chair of the Board of Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences. I serve on the Advisory Council of the Natural Capital Project at Stanford University. I serve on the board of Goodwill San Francisco Bay. I have been the seed funder and board member of several NGOs over the years including Magic Bus, an NGO that works with 500,000 at-risk children in South Asia.

A (slightly) lengthier bio can be found here.

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Interviews with leading thinkers about how we can drive behavior change to fight the climate crisis.


Ramanan Raghavendran
Investing at junction of behavior and sustainability at www.amasia.vc. Podcast and book at www.inourhands.earth. Blog at ramanan.com. @Penn alumnus, trustee. @Stanford student. Always learning.
Mary Marsh
Research + Programs at Amasia. BA in History from Columbia.